Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a sport that offers a variety of ways to play on the water — from relaxing tours on scenic lakes and rivers, to racing and training, all the way to surfing waves on the ocean. Stomp Sessions has been crafted to help you learn, progress, explore and enjoy the many fun options of SUP. Check out what Stomp Sessions has to offer.

Elite Pros

We have partnered with the best pros in the world to help us craft Stomp Sessions’ SUP lessons, quick tips and skill progression. Our first elite pro is Chuck Patterson.

Chuck Patterson

Waterman / SUP / Surf
Master of seven sports and big wave pioneer

Session Options

Stomp Sessions provides a variety of options to help make your SUP day a Stomp day.

Lessons and Classes

Dial in your paddle technique, turns, or any SUP skill — we will help you progress with confidence. Sessions are available as one-on-one, small groups or multi-day classes. You design your Stomp Session to fit your style.

Local Guide

Experience a location in a whole new way. Get a local’s insight to the best waves and lakes. Save time and have fun faster as you efficiently learn the best routes, find scenic views, and navigate the conditions at each location.

Paddle with a Pro

Book an exclusive experience that was previously only available for a select few. Paddle with the best in the business, from pro big wave pioneers to local pros who will share their elite knowledge and insights.

Featured Session

Women on Water Paddle Clinic
Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort and Hotel

Join the Wild Women Tribe and take a journey to explore paddling skills through engaging activities on and off the water. Activities include: Paddling Clinics, Yoga & Meditation, and Self-discovery Sessions on the Beach.

View Women Paddle Clinic Details

Pro Quick Tips

Want to learn SUP tricks like a pro? Stomp Sessions’ Elite SUP Pro, Chuck Patterson, breaks down tricks in our SUP Pro Quick Tips Video Series.

View SUP Pro Quick Tips

Stomp Session SUP Session

Learn where you can get to with a Stomp Sessions Local Tour.

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