The inaugural Stomp Sessions x Chas Guldemond Skate Classes was a huge success and sold out the second week. From first time skaters to intermediate rippers, skaters were all inspired by the awesome mentoring of Olympian and Stomp Elite Athlete, Chas Guldemond. His experience as high-level Olympian snowboarder and incredible skateboarder was passed on to each skaters, helping them progress with the proper building blocks to take their skateboarding to the next level. Chas was supported by two other rad Stomp Skate Instructors, Adrian Mitchell and Dave Burright. Each skaters enjoyed daily skills review and photos, uploaded to their personal Stomp profile.

For beginners, their session began in the morning, offering a chill environment for learning the basics with the feeling of a private skatepark and little crowds. From step by step instruction of learning to drop in and pumping the transition, to getting their board feel and foot control to nail their first ollie. The combination of a quiet setting, great group of friends and stellar instructors offered a perfect platform for progression.

For the intermediate skaters, their sessions started at lunch and were influenced by having other ripping skaters to inspire them in the park, while getting one-on-one attention from Chas, learning how to take their skills to the next level with airs and lip tricks.

“It was an awesome two weeks with four separate sessions and two skill level groups for skaters to find their perfect fit. Highlights of the class: watching kids who were previously intimidated to skate, getting matched up with the right fit instructor, like Chas, Adro and Burright, helping them take their skills beyond where they thought possible. Skaters we’re delighted with the finale day of a little demo by the pros and contest for the skaters, working all week to perfect their line in the park, getting comfortable progressing and working on new tricks.”

Ryan Williams
Co-Founder, Stomp Sessions

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About Stomp Sessions

Stomp Sessions is a simple mobile platform that matches athletes with local experts and pros for lessons and guiding, to help you explore more and get better faster. Sports include:  skateboarding, stand up paddling, surfing, snowboarding, bmx, mountain biking and skiing. Stomp is available in Lake Tahoe, expanding across California and other locations soon.

Book a Stomp Session that fits your goals and needs! Have a Lesson to progress that next trick or perfect your skills, Ride with a Pro for an experience of a lifetime, or Follow a Local Around and learn the secret spots. Each session includes a photo or video captured by your certified Stomp instructor.

The most iconic XGames medalists and Olympians and have joined Stomp as athlete advisors to validate and build the Stomp Skills Matrix, including Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Jamie Anderson, Jeremy Jones, Chas Guldemond, Jeremy Jones, JT Holmes, Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves and Chuck Patterson.


Ryan Williams
Co-Founder / CEO
Stomp Sessions

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