Chris Cole joins Stomp Sessions

Professional skateboarder Chris Cole joins Stomp Sessions as Elite Founding Athlete Advisor

We are very stoked to welcome professional skateboarder Chris Cole to the Stomp Sessions family! Chris joins us as a founding elite athlete with his massive list of accolades and will help build the Stomp Sessions Skate program to develop better skateboarders, like you!

In addition to being available for skate lessons on the Stomp Sessions app as an Elite Skate Pro, Chris is also our resident Skateboard Expert, and will be featured on the Stomp digital platform sharing his Pro Quick Tips and insider knowledge, helping skaters around the world get better faster.

Like many skaters, I’ve always had a deep admiration for Chris and his ability to lead the way with what’s possible on a skateboard, while consistently progressing the sport to new heights throughout his entire career and today. Chris’ tenacity and core attitude, coupled with his respect by industry and peers, and his   dedication as a family man, are what truly gravitated us to reach out to Chris as our Founding Elite Athlete for Skateboarding. He can dissect a skate trick like no one else and his peers are always asking him for tips to get better or learn new tricks. His entire lifestyle reflects the Stomp brand. We are blessed to have him a part of our family and excited for a big bright future working together.

Ryan Williams
Co-Founder, Stomp Sessions

[from Chris’ website:] People handle success in many different ways. Some crack under the weight of newly heightened expectations. Some put it on cruise control and coast along from past achievements in a fulfilled state of satisfaction. It is a rare individual who rides the momentum of success towards bigger and better things in life. Professional skateboarder Chris Cole, through his continual domination of competitions, has clearly earned himself the top spot amongst the elite of skateboarding. Through it all, Chris has been grounded with the realization that life is all about deep-seated relationships fostered through respect and compassion. As his profile ascended, he furthered his desire to perpetually self evaluate and improve all facets of life. His forthright interactions with those in and out of the industry made a direct and positive impact on the image and character of skateboarding. It was an image that at times took hits for being overrun with punk kids running amuck and creating havoc on public property. As the spotlight’s glow on Chris began to brighten, so did the viability and credibility of skateboarding as a whole. It was rapidly becoming the fastest growing sport in America. Chris wanted the world to see that skateboarding breeds individuals that are athletic, creative, and driven. Rather than succumbing to the trappings of the “live fast and die young” mentality, Chris adopted his own credo of “live rad and die proud”. It is a concise and powerful statement that has guided him personally and throughout his professional career. A career that was first set into motion at the ripe old age of 14.

At a time in life when most kids are figuring out what video game to play next, Chris had made the determination that he would forgo college and make his way in life by skateboarding full-time. Chris was raised in Levittown, PA outside of Philadelphia. He holds the Northeast corridor and the makeup of the people residing there near and dear to his heart. He likens their notorious rudeness to a hardened exterior shell. Once penetrated, the shell makes way for deeper and much more meaningful connections. While in the Philadelphia area, Chris entered into local and regional skateboarding contests starting in his pre-teen years. He won them early and he won them often. He quickly established himself as an elite talent and landed corporate sponsorships by the age of 16. From there, it was like a jet fueled propulsion with only momentary stops to collect a trophy or receive an award. Chris credits the development of his riding style to his willingness to shred and skate all physical obstacles that present themselves in the realm of street skating. He never wanted to be limited to just being great on ledges or handrails. He wanted to crush gaps, ramps, and anything and everything there was to conquer. It was this approach to street skating that garnered him a string of accolades, yet to cease or slow from being bestowed upon him. He has received honors from the industry and direct praise from the fans like Transworld

Skateboarding’s “Readers Choice Award”. He has the rarified distinction of being only one of two skaters twice named Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” (2005 & 2009). The Dew Tour, Maloof Money Cup, and Battle of the Berrics 2 are just a partial listing of contests he wrapped up for victory. There was also the back-to-back gold medals he won in consecutive years at the X Games, ESPN’s elite action sports event. The multitude of victories and mounting press coverage of Chris swung the door of opportunity wide open for him. He became a featured rider in the smash hit video games “Skate” and “Skate 2” while also making numerous appearances in videos such as “Bam Margera: CKY2K”. In early 2011, Chris was brought into Zero Skateboards as an official shareholder. Chris also announced another major piece of news in 2011, as DC Shoes signed Chris to their elite skate team. Chris and DC are already busy at work together developing signature footwear. While the physical expressions that Chris was able to display on a board clearly played a major role in all these triumphs, he attributes the success to something much simpler than that – Fun. If Chris is not having fun, then he is not winning contests. The foundation of his career advancement has been the passion and pure joy he has in his soul for skateboarding. It is a wholehearted desire for riding and competing that words on a page fall short of describing. It is the kind of infatuation that can make a 14-year-old boy be acutely aware that instead of college, his future belongs thrashing through history.

Chris indeed has made his mark on the history of skateboarding. The countless victories and abundance of awards prove it. Even though Chris is grateful for all he has attained throughout his career, he believes that leaving a legacy has nothing to do with hardware or bountiful prize purses. Chris’ ultimate rewards are the special moments spent riding with his young son Wyatt, for a true legacy is all about the deep-seated relationships with a lasting bond throughout eternity.


2013 – 1st Place Street League Super Crown World Champion
2013 – 2nd Place Street League X-Games LA
2013 – 1st Place Gold Street League X-Games Munich, Germany
2013 – 2nd Place Street League Portland
2013 – 2nd Place Street League Kansas City
2012 – 2nd Place Street League Championship
2012 – 2nd Place Street League Glendale Arizona
2012 – Released pro model signature shoe on DC Shoes
2012 – 1st Place Copenhagen Pro
2011 – 2nd Place Street League Kansas City
2010 – Winner of Maloof Money Cup in Costa Mesa, California
2010 – Winner of Maloof Money Cup in Queens, New York
2010 – Third pro model shoe “The Hi-Volt”(Fallen)
2009 – Thrasher Skater of the Year (2nd time, 2nd person to do this after Danny Way)
2009 – Won Battle at The Berrics 2
2009 – Achieved Battle Commander for
2009 – 1st place Winner of Dew Tour
2009 – Readers Choice Award from Transworld Skateboarding
2009 – Winner of Maloof Money Cup
2009 – Winner of Back to the Berg
2008 – Winner of és Game of Skate
2008 – Chris and Team Regular winning Etnies Goofy vs Regular
2008 – 3rd place in Maloof Money Cup
2007 – Winner of és Game of Skate
2007 – 1st Place Gold in X Games, Street
2006 – 1st Place Gold in X Games, Street
2006 – 2nd place in és Game of Skate
2006 – Chris and Zero team winning Thrasher King of The Road (three times in a row)
2005 – Received ‘Skater Of The Year’ from Transworld Skateboarding and Thrasher Magazine
2005 – Featured in final part in Zero video “New Blood”
2005 – Chris and Zero team winning Thrasher King of The Road
2005 – First signature shoe “The Trooper” (Fallen)
2005 – 16 page spread in Skateboard Mag (June)
2005 – Gold in Gravity Games, Street
2004 – First place in Street Best Trick, Tampa Pro (also took 4th in Street)
2004 – Chris and Zero team winning Thrasher King of The Road
2002 – Transworld’s VideoRadio

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Ryan Williams
Co-Founder / CEO
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