Get Your Progression Featured by Chris Cole, Josh Kerr and Cam Zink

Side By Side Video Analysis - Compare Your Video to Pro Athlete’s Video

Want your video featured on Chris Cole, Josh Kerr or Cam Zink’s social media? This month is your chance. Share your progression with Stomp and Cole, Kerr and Zink will pick the best one, then post it on their Instagram in a split video with them. Check out Stomp’s FREE DIY Learning Tool - Side by Side video analysis. Upload your clip to compare, adjust and improve.

Chris Cole will pick and post the best Tre Flip on March 20, 2020. 

Josh Kerr will pick and post the best Frontside Cutback on March 20, 2020.

Cam Zink will pick and post the best Nac Nac on March 25, 2020.

Stomp’s DIY Tool is FREE. Including over 60 videos to compare your skills in Skateboarding, Surfing and Mountain Biking. It’s pretty cool to check your video alongside the videos of Chris Cole, Josh Kerr and Cam Zink. 

Now you can watch your personal video alongside a pro’s video, seeing directly where you can improve your skills. Is your foot placement in the right spot to get your Tre Flip to pop? Is your arm position causing you to fall off your Cutback? Is your foot not staying glued to your peddle on your Nac Nac? Now you can find out immediately, make adjustments and improve your skills. DIY Tools is your personal “lab” lesson with Stomp’s World Champion Athletes: experiment, evaluate and improve.