Chris Cole Unveils Stomp Sessions On The Nine Club

“2 x Skater Of The Year” Chris Cole, Unveils Stomp Sessions Online Lessons On The Nine Club As Consumers Sign Up for Skate, Surf, and Mountain Bike Lessons From World Champion Pros at For Less Than Five Bucks a Month

Chris Cole, Josh Kerr and Cam Zink Now Offering 50+ Video Tutorials and Personalized Digital Coaching Via Fast-Growing Action Sports Education Company Co-Founded by X-Games Medallist Ryan Williams

VENICE, California (October 17, 2019) --- Stomp Sessions, the world’s first and only digital learning platform focused 100% on action sports, debuted this week on The Nine Club, the #1 YouTube channel for the core global skate community, with pro skater Chris Cole, introducing Stomp’s new subscription service for skaters, surfers and mountain bikers who want to get better faster.

The Nine Club, which has received nearly 24 million views since launching in 2016, receives tens of thousands of views from all over the world every week. Episode #65 features an in-depth interview with Cole discussing his involvement with Stomp Sessions. 

Stomp Sessions, a start-up founded in Truckee, Calif., launched the online learning subscription platform on September 19, 2019. Within days, the company accumulated paying subscribers on 6 continents.

“I always wanted to teach these things and find a platform,” Cole explains to The Nine Club co-host Chris Roberts in the episode. “After being on tour with other pro skaters and teaching them, I knew there was a need. I’ve figured out the secrets to these tricks that can save you a week, or even a year of trying..”

The Nine Club was the perfect place for Stomp’s unique subscription business to launch, said Williams, who won a silver in Snowboarding Big Air at the 1998 Winter X-Games in Crested Butte, Colo. He and co-founders Dave Sick and Robert Suarez initially created Stomp as a mobile app for in-person experiences with pros, then evolved the business to an online learning platform based on advice from pros and from other leaders in the action sports industry, he said.

“Stomp is a company that is coming out of the core action sports community to break down the walls that have always existed between the millions of people who love these sports and their heroes -- the top pros in the world, and want to get better,” Williams said. “These aren’t just ‘lifestyle sports’ anymore. The level of discipline and the focus on fitness, technique, and mental toughness is at an all-time high in each of these sports, and we’re stoked to help people tap directly into the wisdom and experience of pros like Chris Cole. As a former pro snowboarder, it’s super exciting to see people using Stomp to get after it and to see pros like Chris, Josh, and Cam embrace Stomp as a way to stay involved in their sports and add a whole new chapter to their careers.”

Here’s how it works: For only $4.99/month, subscribers get access to more than 50 Tutorial Videos featuring Cole, World Surf League veteran Josh Kerr, and Rampage freeride mountain bike champion Cam Zink, with new tutorials released every month. Videos cover a range of topics, from trick tips to equipment to fitness tips.

Stomp subscribers also get access to Digital Coaching -- direct connection to their favorite pros, who provide them with personalized video analysis and feedback. Annual Members ($49.99/year) receive a 10% discount to Digital Coaching.  

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About Stomp

Stomp Sessions is the world’s first sports digital learning platform offering access to elite pro knowledge, skills and mindset, providing athletes around the globe with tutorials and digital coaching from the champions of sports, including Chris Cole, Cam Zink and Josh Kerr. Stomp is a subscription platform with unlimited access to 50+ tutorials and digital coaching across skateboarding, mountain biking and surfing. Members have access to all tutorials including the ability to receive personal pro digital coaching of their own videos helping athletes close the final gaps in learning new skills. Stomp tutorials offer a roadmap to progression with each lesson providing step by step details to learning skills. Members receive new tutorials ongoing throughout the month, along with new sports and elite pros launching through the year. 

Stomp believe athletes can learn and progress better at sports with simple access to the knowledge shared by elite pro athletes in documentary tutorial lessons and digital coaching, enabling aspiring sport enthusiasts around the globe, saving them time and money, while providing a personal connection to the champions of the sport. Let’s go!

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