Improve Your Riding Skills and Mindset with a Rampage Champion: Cam Zink

The biggest mountain bike event on the planet is Redbull Rampage. It’s one of Cam Zink’s favorite contests and a venue that he continues to progress the sport of mountain biking, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on a bike, while performing live in front of the world. 

This incredible event inspires great mountain biking and time to improve your skills.

Cam Zink's Stomp Tutorials provide you with his pro insights to learn skills, mindset and equipment set up like a champion. Get Better Faster with Cam Zink.



Cam Zink won Rampage in 2010. And in 2013 he stomped the biggest backflip ever at Rampage: 78 feet! In 2014 he achieved the Guinness Book World Record with a breathtaking 100 foot backflip. 



Cam Zink Flat Corner

Learn How To Ride Flat Corners


Cam Zink Rock Section

Learn How To Ride Rock Sections


Cam Zink Step Downs

Learn How To Ride Step Downs


Cam Zink Mindset

Learn The Mindset Of Cam Zink