Stomp Sessions Launches FREE Online Learning Tool: Side by Side Video Analysis

Learn from World Champion Athletes by uploading your video and comparing along-side the pro’s video. Compare, adjust and improve. 

TRUCKEE, California (March 26, 2020) -- Stomp Sessions, the world’s first and only digital learning platform focused 100% on action sports, introduces a FREE Online Learning feature: Side by Side Video Analysis - DIY Tool. Including over 60 pro tutorial videos to compare your skills in Skateboarding, Surfing and Mountain Biking. Now you can watch your personal video alongside a pro’s video, seeing directly where you can improve your skills. It’s pretty cool to check your video alongside the videos of world champions Chris Cole, Josh Kerr and Cam Zink.

DIY Tools is your personal “lab” lesson with Stomp’s world champion athletes: experiment, evaluate and improve. Is your foot placement in the right spot to get your Ollie to pop? Are you arms in the correct position to gain power from your Cutback Carve? Are your shoulders and elbows in the proper angle to generate leverage to your bike for that Bermed Corner? Now you can find out immediately, make adjustments and improve your skills. 

“The response is amazing with this new feature. From beginners and intermediate, to advance, we’ve seen all skill levels using the DIY Learning Tool to improve and progress. It’s also bringing the community together with the Pros picking the best trick of the month uploaded and sharing it on their social media channel in a split-screen video, highlighting the winning clip alongside the pro’s video.”  
- Ryan Williams, Stomp Sessions (Co-Founder/CEO) 

This month, Chris Cole picked and posted the best Tre Flip for skateboarding, Josh Kerr picked and posted the best Frontside Cutback for surfing and Cam Zink picked and posted the best Nac Nac for mountain biking. 

“It’s awesome to see the skate community use new tools to learn and grow. It was sick to see so many Tre Flip uploads to the Side by Side video tutorial.”
- Chris Cole, Street League Skateboarding Supercrown Champion + Stomp Sessions Skateboarding

“This learning tool is great to progress and watch yourself side by side to the tutorials. It’s awesome to use when reviewing your clips at home.”
- Josh Kerr, World Surf League legend + Stomp Sessions Surf

“Take online learning to the next level and compare your clips side by side with the tutorials.”
- Cam Zink, Redbull Rampage Champion + Stomp Sessions Mountain Bike

Next month, Cole will pick and post the best Backside 180 Kickflip, Kerr will pick and post the best Floater and Zink will pick and post the best Corner (Bermed or Flat).

Stomp’s DIY Learning Tool is FREE and available at

Stomp Sessions is the world’s first action sports online learning platform offering access to elite pro knowledge, skills and mindset with 60+ video tutorials and digital coaching from the champions of sports, including Chris Cole - skateboarding, Cam Zink - mountain biking and Josh Kerr - surfing. Stomp is a subscription platform providing members access to all tutorials, including the ability to receive personal pro digital coaching of their own videos, helping athletes close the final gaps in learning new skills. Stomp tutorials offer a roadmap to progression with each lesson providing step by step details to learning skills. Members receive new tutorials ongoing throughout the month, along with new sports and elite pros launching through the year.

Stomp believes athletes can accelerate their learning of sports with simple access to the knowledge shared by elite pro athletes in documentary tutorial lessons and digital coaching, enabling aspiring sport enthusiasts around the globe, saving them time and money, while providing a personal connection to the champions of the sport. Let’s go!

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