The Berrics Features Chris Cole's Building Blocks to Progression

Save Time and Improve Your Skating with Tutorials

Thanks to The Berrics for featuring Chris Cole’s Stomp tutorial explaining how you can improve your skating using his video tutorials, learning in order, the way he learned. As Cole comments, that’s how he got from the easiest tricks, like ollies, to the hard tricks like frontside kickflips. When you learn the building blocks in order it makes learning harder tricks that much easier: you just take the two blocks and add them together. That’s the purpose of his tutorial videos.

Watch Cole’s Building Block Video

So You Want To Learn Frontside KickFlips? 

Step 1: Watch the Ollie Tutorial 

- Always room for improvement -

Ollie Pro Tutorial Videos

Learn Ollie


Step 2: Watch the 180 Ollie Tutorial

- Get them solid -

Frontside 180

Learn Frontside 180 Ollie


Step 3: Watch the Kickflip Tutorial 

- Flick and catch is key -


Learn Kickflip


Step 4: Watch the Frontside Kickflip Tutorial  

- Let's go -

Frontside 180 Kickflip

Learn Frontside 180 Kickflip