360 Drop

Learn your 360 Drop today with legend Cam Zink. Once you get Drops dialed, you are ready to learn tricks off drops. 360 Drops are a great place to start. And with Cam Zink teaching you his favorite trick, he dives deep into the details. Cam's perspective is legendary, especially with his iconic 360 Drop heard around the universe, winning Redbull Rampage 2010. In this tutorial, he helps you learn the fundamentals to dialing in 360 Drops. The most important thing Zink teaches you is popping off the lip at the right time, loading your suspension correctly and transferring your weight to your shoulders and hips. Learning tricks off drops builds your confidence and opens up more terrain for you on the trail. Cam’s pro insight will have you learning 360 Drops sooner than you thought, helping you shred more terrain with confidence.

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