Get ready to learn one of Cam Zink’s favorites, the Frontflip. This is one of the most intimidating tricks, with good reason because of the risk, yet they’re not all that hard to learn. Backflips provide more room to landing, while Frontflips need to be more precise. Zink teaches you how to get the mechanics to dialing. The basics are to stop your momentum that you have (like a Backflip), and get it to change direction and redirect your inertia. As he recommends, first learn on a Slopestyle, Hardtail or BMX bike, and use a foam pit. Zink teaches you how to use your rear brake and timing of your tuck, to get the best flow of redirecting your inertia. He also shows you the secrets to controlling this trick and correcting your momentum to land safely. To make it even safer, Zink shows you his personal twist on this trick: to scrub off the lip and roll more than keeping it straight. This trick is incredibly gratifying when done correctly.

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