Get inside the mind of Rampage Champion Cam Zink to improve the pace of your bike riding progression. As he states, it’s one of the most important pieces to the puzzle of learning, progressing and competing. The mindset is what separates those who just dabble and those who excel and are fantastic bike riders.

There is a lot that goes into Mindset. For Cam, the most important piece of mindset is the same feeling he got as a kid. The sense of freedom. The sense of accomplishment. Treat mindset like it’s a big part of your life with bike riding and enjoying the journey.

See how Cam overcomes his struggles and fears, using visualization and momentum to elevate his riding game. His pro insights to mindset will help you elevate your riding game too. From competing to riding with your friends.

Successful bike riding takes good skills and mechanics + strong mindset. This combination makes you the best bike rider possible, in front of your friends learning or competing in Rampage.

Get Better Faster with Zink’s mindset.

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