Foundations of Skateboarding

Learn the foundations of skateboarding: what stance you are, how to push and how to stop. Amelia helps you get comfortable on a skateboard, teaching you the basics with her fun and simple step-by-step instructions. It all starts with figuring out what stance on the board is best for you - regular or goofy. Amelia shares a cool way to figure out which leg is your power leg to determine which stance is best for you. The most important rule with the basics is pushing with your back foot. Amelia shares why this helps you create a strong foundation from the beginning. Once you get going, learning to stop is critical. She shows you a few different ways to stop and provides an awesome pro tip to avoid razor tail - wearing the tail of your board out. The more time you spend on your board and working on these three key elements, you will gain more confidence and comfort on your board. Take your time and have fun.

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