Rails and Ledges: Advanced

Take your rail and ledge tricks to the streets with confidence learning Chris Cole's pro insights on how to adjust your skating from the skatepark to so many more spots in your city and new spots when traveling. He teaches you how to approach features in the wild, adjust your skating and setting clear expectations: (1) recognize that stairs are typically steeper and bigger, (2) that ledges are chunkier and flow different, (3) difference between round and square rails (4) be weary of the type of metal of the rail, (5) take your time climbing progression in the streets. The details of his pro tips set you up for success in the streets to explore so many more spots and features, making you a better skater. Key to advancing your ledge and rail game: relish in the process of learning to adjust your skating to the features in the streets. As Chris reminds you, it's a huge accomplishment advancing each of your skills to the streets. If you feel like you advanced your street skating even one notch on any day, that's a win.