Turn / Tic-Tac / Kick Turn

This lesson with Amelia is awesome for beginners, teaching you cheat codes on how to Turn and gain control of your board. She teaches you the fundamentals of how to maneuver your board to turn as you cruise down your driveway or sidewalk and taking it to small transitions. Amelia explains the backside and frontside of your board, and how it relates to your body mechanics for turning, tic-tacs and ultimately kick turn on transition. Similar to the Stop, learning to Turn is all about pivoting on your back wheels and having your front wheels lift up slightly. Amelia shows you a few simple techniques to help you gain confidence in balancing on the balls of your feet to turn the board. She also shows you a few common mistakes people make when learning to turn. Once you are comfortable Turning and Tic-Tac’ing on the sidewalk or driveway, it’s time to take the skill to a small transition. Amelia shows you her personal ‘cheat-code’ for learning Kick-Turns. You will be Kick-Turning before you know it! With Amelia’s pro insights and cheat codes, you will be progressing your skating from the driveway and sidewalk to transitions, mini ramps and bowls.

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