Meet Josh Kerr, your new surfing instructor. Get ready to improve your surfing by learning his deep pro insights and technique details to mastering maneuvers and what it takes to be an athlete. From carving basics to mastering ariels, Josh’s personal approach and analysis of mechanics will help you progress your surfing. Whether you are an avid ripper looking to hone your skills or you are a parent looking for personal coaching to help your kid progress, Josh has a meticulous brain when it comes to the technique of surfing that earned him 2 x World Air Show Champion, Todos Santos Big Wave Champion and 10+ WSL top tens. He has given tips to up and coming groms like his daughter to guys winning events on the WSL level! Enjoy his personal tutorials to improve your surfing and upload your video clips to have Josh provide you with personal pro video analysis. Let’s go!

Meet your new surfing instructor Brett Simpson, the current USA Olympic Surf Coach and USA Junior Head Coach. Growing up and living in Huntington Beach, California, he has helped 100s of kids just getting started in surfing, to many adults catching their first wave, to helping Olympians train for the podium at Tokyo 2021 Olympics. His dedication to training, technique and skill, focussed on style and flow, helped him win the US Open in his home town in 2019 and 2010. He was also on the WCT for six years. Brett’s simple approach to teaching will help you get better faster at surfing.

Meet your new Performance Coach Ryan Gallop. Learn his specific programs and techniques he uses to train many of the world’s top action sports athletes. From strengthening your body for the demands of each session, to boosting your performance to ride longer and get that next trick or maneuver. It’s nice to have the Performance Director of Nakoa in Carlsbad, California, teaching you in these quick style lessons, hitting all the marks, so you get out the door and go. His 15+ years of training experience with athletes of all ages and sports, including his kids and some of Stomp’s Pro, make him the perfect guide for your training journey. With Ryan’s Performance Training Tutorials, you’ll be riding the way you’ve always wanted to be riding, plus more.